Posted On 20/02/2013

Looking for the ultimate cigar survival kit? The East India Cargo Chest is sure to keep any cigar smoker happy with this limited edition suitcase, full of special hand-crafted cigars made by the blend masters of K. Hansotia & Co.

The limited edition East India cargo chest is a copper suitcase full of 284 special release Wicked Indie and Red Witch cigars: 51/2 x 60 perfectos, 7 x 60 Grand XO’s and 6 x 56 double strength ligero’s, named ‘Double Fuerte’. These are now available and shipping to cigar stores nationwide!

More on Red Witch and Wicked Indie:

Named after a trading ship from the British rule during the 1800’s, Red Witch is a medium to full bodied cigar featuring a silky Ecuadorian, Rosado wrapper, paired with a carefully selected Dominican binder and 3–year aged filler from the mountainous region of Jalapa, Nicaragua. The Red Witch is an attractive cigar offering tasting notes of spice, earth and sweet delicate undertones with a long and smooth finish.

Wicked Indie is a delicious Nicaraguan Puro that provides an exceptional combination of flavor and strength. The blend is comprised of an Habano, Nicaraguan wrapper, a carefully selected Nicaraguan binder that is combined with rare 3-year aged Nicaraguan fillers.Wicked Indie encompasses a rich and complex taste profile, full of rich tobacco and sweet spice, evolving to a flavorful and balanced finish on the palate.

Did you know?

The East India Trading Company was originally founded in the early 1600’s, making it one of the oldest formed trading companies in the world. The company mainly traded tobacco and spices in its early formation, but also traded cotton, silk, spices, indigo dye, saltpetre, tea, and opium. Many other products used today are also believed to have been introduced by the East India Trading Company, including aloe vera, nutmeg and ginseng.


More information can be found on the company’s:
website: www.gurkhacigars.com
Facebook: Gurkhacigars
Twitter: @Gurkhacigars

Written by Andrea Zambiasi

Facciamo Puff nasce per dare voce ad una passione che oramai coltivo da molto tempo, quella dei sigari. Non mi considero un esperto di sigari (etichetta che odio) ma un consumatore "attento" a cui piace condividere le sue esperienze emozionali con altri consumatori.

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