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best-buy-256Best Buy 2015 – la classifica delle 10 migliori fumate contrassegnate dal favorevole rapporto qualità/prezzo. La classifica di fine anno a cui tengo di più e la mia preferita fra tutti i riconoscimenti che assegno.Amo i “Best Buy”, ovvero i sigari che si sono guadagnati lo speciale bollino rosso che vedete a sinistra, perchè rappresentano il mio approccio al mondo del sigaro.

Da consumatore attento tengo in massima considerazione la qualità dei sigari ma anche il loro costo, non posso farne a meno, è il mio modo di essere specialmente al giorno d’oggi che conviviamo con una congiuntura economica non certo favorevole.

Come nasce l’assegnazione del bollino Best Buy?

Reputo il rapporto qualità/prezzo di un prodotto l’elemento chiave da tenere in massima considerazione dove qualità non è riferita unicamente alla materia prima del sigaro ma tocca anche aspetti come aromi, sapori, armonia e bilanciamento strutturale. Se aggiungo poi una decisa “convenienza” economica, sia per formati simili che per la media dei prezzi europei, ecco che il “bollino” viene assegnato. La classifica nasce unendo la presenza del bollino ai rating da me assegnati ai sigari, peraltro non indicati nelle recensioni.

IL MOTTO DI FINE ANNO: Spendere va sempre bene ma spendere bene va sempre meglio!


A delicious blend, chewy in the smoke with spices like cinnamon, a creamy fruity sweetness, cocoa, cherries, caramel, hints of wood and earth background. Everything is awesome exotic, intriguing and bold without without sacrificing the pleasure of smoke. Just a small fall on the last part with a bittering hint but nothing to worry about. An unusual blend that has “something” extra, unique and tremendously good.

PAESE: Honduras

FORMATO: 52 x 5

MANIFATTURA: Raices Cubanas

FASCIA: Trojes Honduras

SOTTOFASCIA:  Trojes Honduras, Jalapa Nicaragua

RIPIENO: Trojes Honduras, Estelì e Condega Nicaragua

No. 2 | AGING ROOM M356ii Presto

A smoke that literally conquered me. An elegant cigar, complex, well structured with its own peculiar expressiveness. The sum of all these features definitely elevate it to the rank of excellence. It is definitely not an easy cigar, it must be managed and supported in some smoking phases but in return it will delight you with a gorgeous smoke worthy of note and even cheap.

PAESE: Rep. Dominicana

FORMATO: 48 x 4 1/2

MANIFATTURA: Tabacalera Palma

FASCIA: Habano Ligero Dominicano

SOTTOFASCIA:  Rep. Dominicana

RIPIENO: Rep. Dominicana


A wonder cigar that fills the mouth at every puff, sating and saturating the mouth for its rich and expressive intensity. Sometime I’ve the feeling of munching coffee beans soaked with liquor. Rich and chewy with notes of roasted coffee, cocoa and with a high level of sweetness that gives a feeling of cherry notes. Its aromatic richness goes hand in hand with being balanced indeed it cuddle the smoker with truckloads of aromatic scents.

PAESE: Honduras

FORMATO: 50 x 6

MANIFATTURA: Tabacos de Oriente

FASCIA: Nicaragua – Jalapa Valley


RIPIENO: Panama, Honduras – Jamastran Valley

No. 4 | CLE COROJO Robusto

A perfect combination of citrus, earth, pepper and spicy sweetness on a caramel background characterize its expressiveness. Every individual components are well mixed, merged together in a delicious smooth mix without downsides. A dense and chewy smoke with a splendid underlying sweetness, almost vanilla, which persists long in the palate. The elements on which to judge are taste and enjoyment, in my opinion it’s not and will never be a cigar for meditation rather it’s perfect for a “rendez-vous” with your friends. It’s an everyday smoke suitable for any occasion and it would be one of my top selections definitely.

PAESE: Honduras

FORMATO: 50 x 5


FASCIA: Honduras


RIPIENO: Honduras

No. 5 | ROCKY PATEL 15th ANNIVERSARY Corona Gorda

A cigar that I appreciated for its ability to blend flavor strength to a balance above average. This is not an easy task, most of the time who try to push the strength sacrifice the general harmony. It’s a rich cigar, opulent, tasty with an almost dark soul that does not go unnoticed. For sure a cigar and a line prominent in the portfolio of the Rocky Patel Cigars, a cigar that everyone must try once especially in this size that I particularly love.

PAESE: Nicaragua

FORMATO: 46 x 6

MANIFATTURA: Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A.

FASCIA: Ecuador Habano


RIPIENO: Nicaragua


From a brand created to make cigars with a more affordable cost I did not expect such a performance. The East India Trading Company hit the mark and this cigar it’s the perfect business card. Rich, expressive, balanced, smooth, it has all the qualities to shine on the market and for sure it can overcome many if we analyze the quality/price ratio of this cigar also. Remarkable, truly remarkable.

PAESE: Nicaragua

FORMATO: 52 x 5.5

MANIFATTURA: American Caribbean Tobacco Corporation

FASCIA: Nicaragua Habano


RIPIENO: 3 year aged Nicaragua


A cigar unique and very accessible, a medium body not overwhelming with an extraordinary expressiveness and high level craftsmanship. It’s a different maduro, unique and charming for its smoothness and sweetness, for the fragrance of spices and its dominant toasty fruitiness that characterizes this smoke. Even those who do not appreciate this kind of cigars surely will end up enjoying this goodness. Balanced and a forerunner of great pleasure that will force us to love more smoking a cigar.

PAESE: Nicaragua

FORMATO: 50 x 4.5

MANIFATTURA: My Father Cigars S.A.

FASCIA: Connecticut Broadleaf


RIPIENO: Nicaragua

No. 8 | ROSALONES 446 by Joya de Nicaragua

A cigar whose sweetness is its most clear talent, his most distinct connotation. A cake that becomes more and more dense, sweet and creamy on the palate. Each puff it’s like an explosion of a chewing-gum bubble, an aromatic fragrant explosion. A soft caress 4 inches long only, a well built and balanced smoke that delight with rich notes of earth, cocoa, wood, pepper and spices, literally demolishing the old saying: those who less spends smokes badly.

PAESE: Nicaragua

FORMATO: 46 x 4

MANIFATTURA: Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.

FASCIA: Nicaragua Habana Criollo

SOTTOFASCIA:  Nicaragua Habano

RIPIENO: Nicaragua

No. 9 | CAO FLATHEAD V554 Camshaft

You can feel soon the uniqueness of this smoke, dense, fruity and creamy on the palate with a wonderful background of marzipan. The contrast between sweet and toasted notes is what characterizes best this cigar full of a whole bevy of exotic spices, hazelnut, cocoa, caramel and honey. Harmonious, well blended where the complexity is softened into a global pleasure that captures the attention. A cigar that should not be read in an attempt to decipher the aromatic components or it’s complexity but it must be enjoyed for what it is and believe me it’s not trivial stuff.

PAESE: Nicaragua

FORMATO: 50 x 5.5


FASCIA: Connecticut Broadleaf

SOTTOFASCIA:  Ecuador Connecticut

RIPIENO: Nicaragua Ligero e Piloto Cubano Ligero

No. 10 | ROCKY PATEL THE EDGE Maduro Robusto

Entered in the race for the “Best Buy” awards at the last minute, it has been able to stand out and earn the tenth position. A sweet and smooth smoke that gain the level of flavor bomb in a bold way. This cigars is able to enchants the smoker, despite some structural flaws, with a damn luscious notes of wood, earth, caramel, indian spicies, vanilla, tea and cocoa all deeply immersed in its creaminess. Pay attention because at the nose it’s a firecracker until the end.

PAESE: Honduras

FORMATO: 50 x 5.5″

MANIFATTURA: Plasencia El Paraiso

FASCIA: Costa Rica Maduro



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