#CigarNews | Senorial & Freyja box-press | behind the scenes

Written by Andrea Zambiasi

Fumatore seriale di sigari. Rascal inside!

When I published the announcement of a line extension under the Las Cumbres Tabaco umbrella, the Senorial Maduro El Cuadro – size: 5 3/4 X 46 and Freyja Mjölnir – size: 6 1/2 X 55, all at the beginning was just that, another cigar news.

However something not exactly under my control happened. When I asked to the owners of the brand (Emma Viktorsson and Jose Blanco) to be added into their mailing list for the next press release, I got an email from Emma into my inbox.

She sent me a lot of images of the 2 news cigars and a special request, she asked if I was interested to have the “behind the scenes” tell of the project box-press. Hu, huuuuuu. Me? Holy cow, YES for sure! This kind of things happen once in a life so now it’s my turn to play. Here we go….

First a fun tale about the name Mjölnir for the Freyja line. I know exactly that it’s the Thor’s hammer, just becouse I read tons of comics during my childhood however I was never sure about the pronunciation.

Emma on the email tried to explain me how to pronounce it correctly:
As for the pronunciation of Mjölnir it’s like [Mi-YUL-nir] (the “i” is a short “e” in English… and with a soft [L] and a rolled [R] … I’m sorry I’m not good at explaining this lol 😛

Well… she tried but now I’m more confused… LOL

Emma is a Nordic woman so spell it is a normal task for her but for us, mere humans, it’s like to read a line on the ophthalmologist board. No way, it’s impossible Emma.

Gentlemen & smokers all over the world, write the name on a Post-it and show it to the tobacconist… it’s better for sure!


The name of the second one is El Cuadro which means “The frame”. Double meaning in this case, the first one for the box press shape, the second one for art since Emma used oil-paintings for the logos at Las Cumbres Tabaco. This is something extra press release, are you happy? Hope yes.

Now curiosity phase – the box-press concept born separately on Jose and Emma until a day in which one said to the other: “I’m thinking of making a Box-press” and the other one said: “Me too! Didn’t I tell you?” They were working on the same project at the same time.

For Emma the basic idea was to add a larger size to Freyja line which have ring gauges on the smaller side, but she didn’t want to simply add a round size like the others, she wanted something different so a box-press fitted perfectly and a 6 1/2 X 55 box-press cigar born. This big size and shape feel perfect for the Thor’s hammer name also.

For Jose the idea for a box-press for Senorial Maduro, for what they told me, was mostly based on demand expressed during the past year. So this line extension is his answer to us, his customers.

The size of Senorial Maduro’s El Cuadro is also strategic in a different way. The original Maduro line has quite large sizes so in this case the line needs something more small in size (the exact opposite case from Freyja’s) hence the 5 3/4 X 46 born.

Jose and Emma both agree that a box-press on these tobaccos could also add some extra intensity in flavor and character and they told me that when they tried both they feel to be on the right way. Both original blend were already full flavored but now these new cigars offer a little extra thanks to the box-press shape.

That’s ALL Folks! The End. Now we only must find and smoke them…


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