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Posted On 03/12/2013

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After achieving high standards of quality and placing among the best cigars of the world, Nicaragua returns to be the platform for tobacco  lovers, one of the most exceptional hand-made Nicaraguan products.

In this way, the most important tobacco producers in our country united in the Gala to share with you and with the world the essence of our art, full of aroma, taste and emotion. We encourage you to be a part of the 3rd International Cigar Festival “NICARAGUA PURO SABOR” to be held on the 15, 16 and 17 January 2014, in the city of Managua and Estelí.

This year we have the largest participation of investors, importers, consumers, providers, and media, all from differents countries, as well anyone who wants to know the exquisiteness of the Nicaraguan tobacco.

During the festival you can share the experiences and knowledge of the tobacco industry highlighting the attributes and qualities the finest cigars being wordlwide winners, giving everyone a welcome with an exquisite Caribbean-style dinner at Hotel Pueblo Viejo located in Managua.

After wards we moved to the city of Estelí, about 145 kilometers (90 miles) north of the capital, for an exquisite barbecue while enjoying an equestrian show at the tobbaco farm  TABACALERA SAN RAFAEL; then we moved to the plantations of MY FATHER CIGARS, A.S.P. IN NICARAGUA, AJ FERNANDEZ, NICAPROSA, PADRÓN CIGARS, and PLASENCIA CIGARS. In the evening you will be able to appreciate an exclusive visit to the museum of prehistoric art “Dr. Davila Bolaños” in the Domingo Gadea Plaza  and savor a delicious dinner. Simultaneously a grand concert be held in Central Park for the  “People´s Party” meant for the tobacco factories workers, with more than 5,000 attendees.

On the third day we will visit the 13 best factories in the city of Estelí where participants can meet and greet the owners and workers, whom have workerd for many generations in the tobacco industry and provides a original feature to the cigar.

You will visit the Crafts Fair where participants can rejoice with a brief lecture on the virtues of Nicaraguan cigar, tasting of the Flor de Caña Rum as well a souvenir, and we finish with a grand closing dinner, an extraordinary Gala that you will be in her memory by the wonderful warmth of its people and culture. This party will host charity Auction during the event´s. All meet proceeds will benefit the Education in Estelí.

The participation in “Nicaragua Puro Sabor” includes: accident insurance, preventive medical attention, 3 day hotel stay with transportation, recreational visits and sites, high standard beverages, varied and authentic Nicaraguan cuisine where our culture is reflected, entertainment shows, an outpouring of joy and warm hospitality from the locals, and most of all high quality cigars all the time.

Throughout the event, only the brands of tobacco produced by our partners will be present.

Costi di pertecipazione

  • US $ 640 a persona (camera doppia)
  • US $ 690 a persona (camera singola)

Written by Andrea Zambiasi

Facciamo Puff nasce per dare voce ad una passione che oramai coltivo da molto tempo, quella dei sigari. Non mi considero un esperto di sigari (etichetta che odio) ma un consumatore "attento" a cui piace condividere le sue esperienze emozionali con altri consumatori.

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