Joya de Nicaragua annuncia un’estensione di vitola nella sua linea storica Antaño 1970, sarà un gigante di 7 x 60 e si chiamerà Big Bull 760.  Il sigaro sarà presentato all’IPCPR 2013 a Las Vegas e sarà commercializzato in settembre.


Nella press release il Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, Master Maker e proprietario di Joya de Nicaragua afferma: “Antaño was born thirteen years ago as a result of Joya’s vision to push the boundaries of strength and power, and for all these years we have consistently delivered that. Now we are satisfying the overwhelming demand from our hardcore Antaño lovers for a larger cigar, one that packs even more muscle. But be warned! This is not a cigar for everybody, its for those who can withstand a long lasting and powerful smoke.”