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Posted On 14/11/2013


This cherry blossom represents the ever-changing season that are experienced throughout one’s lifetime as well as the concept of a short, yet beautiful life. The tattered leaves this blossom bears signify the storms we have weathered together as a family and those we have yet to weather. Finally, the intact and unblemished and un-moveable nucleus of our family unit.

The Mon (or Kamon) is the format in which the japanese present their family crest. Each is simply beautiful yet complex enough to encapsulate the DNA of each particular unit from inception to present day.

The Room101 brand implements the Sakura Mon to represent our family unit. The products that bear this mark will be nothing short of our finest works to date. Within them we hope that you can experience a small taste of the journey we have endured to bring these pieces of handcrafted art to you. It is our most humble honor to have the opportunity to have our voice heard and our message received.


  • Fascia – San Andres Ligero Rosado (Messico)
  • Sottofascia – Corojo Corte #3 (Honduras)
  • Ripieno – Corojo, Habano Ligero, San Andres Ligero (Honduras, Nicaragua e Messico)

Formati disponibiliMaster_Collection_One_formats

  • Papi Chulo 50’S (42 x 4)
  • Roxxo 20’S (48 x 4)
  • Mutante 20’S (38 x 7)
  • Sucio 20’S (48 x 7)
  • Monstro 20’S (60 x 5)

Written by Andrea Zambiasi

Facciamo Puff nasce per dare voce ad una passione che oramai coltivo da molto tempo, quella dei sigari. Non mi considero un esperto di sigari (etichetta che odio) ma un consumatore "attento" a cui piace condividere le sue esperienze emozionali con altri consumatori.

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