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Quesada aggiunte tre nuovi moduli alla linea Heisenberg per i fan dei sigari di grosso calibro e lunghezza medio corta.


I tre nuovi moduli riportano nel nome l’iniziale dello scienziato a cui è dedicata l’intera linea, Werner Heisenberg.


  • W² – box-pressed 5 x 60 – 7.25$
  • W65 – 4 x 65 – 6.95$
  • W –  3 x 50 – 5.50$

Si prevede l’uscita per la fine di Novenbre



Heisenberg di Quesada (in produzione)

  • Petite (4 3/4 x 40)
  • Corona (4 x 43)
  • Robusto (5 x 48)
  • Coronet Cuadrada (5 1/4 x 44/48/55)

Ecco una spiegazione della Quesada Cigars sul progetto Heisenberg:

The Heisenberg project is named after the scientific formula of the same name that proves the fundamental limits of precision: in other words, no matter how much we know about something we will never know everything; the more we focus on one aspect, the less we know about another. The Heisenberg project has two intentions: to dispel the stereotypes that limit our ability to enjoy a cigar and remind aficionados that sometimes its best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy a smoke without over analyzing it. To put it simply, “Embrace Uncertainty!” How often do we pass on an opportunity to experience a new cigar because it’s not from a certain country, factory, or made from certain tobaccos? How often do we spend our time analyzing every flavor and nuance in a cigar rather than simply enjoying it in the moment? So with this in mind we will not be releasing any information on the Heisenberg blend, number of cigars made, or description of strength, flavor, etc. We want aficionados to smoke the Heisenberg with as few preconceived notions as possible. Just light this cigar up and smoke it wherever it is you enjoy a cigar the most; whether in solitude at home, with friends at the local cigar shop, or while taking the dog for a walk. We know this is an unusual way to release a cigar. We don’t know how it will turn out. All we can do is “Embrace Uncertainty.” We are asking you to do the same.

Your friends,
The Quesada family

Non si sa ancora se entreranno in produzione normale o resteranno Edizioni Limitate.


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