There seems to be many who have recently discovered the cigar lifestyle and the enjoyment of premium cigars. These individuals are starving for information. But there are a host of myths and other non-factual information that permeates the cigar lifestyle. We’re going to discuss 6 of these commonly heard myths. Much more myth information can be obtained from the study manual of Tobacconist University.

Myth 1 | Premium cigars, especially those made in Cuba, are rolled on the thighs of virgins.

perdomo-girlTruth: This is an absurd concept which sounds interesting and amusing to some, but is not grounded in reality. Of course, it would make for some interesting conversation if you were to hang the canvas art of the Perdomo lady rolling cigars on her thigh (see image). For info on this great cigar art, visit: Perdomo Cigar Girl

Myth 2 | If a cigar claims it’s made from Cuban Seed, it’s got to be a great cigar

Truth: Cuban Seeds, grown inside or outside of Cuba, can produce both good and bad cigars. There is no direct correlation between product quality and Cuban seeds. There are far too many variables impacting the quality of tobacco and cigars, like soil, climate, rain, fermentation, blending, rolling, etc. This myth was started after the American embargo on Cuba when cigar makers wanted to enhance the perceived value and quality of their own brands.

Myth 3 | The body and strength of a cigar are the same and/or related.

Truth: Body, in terms of flavor (taste+aroma) profile, does not necessarily correlate with the Strength of a cigar. Strength refers to the cigar’s nicotine potency or the intensity of spice – two separate factors. Body is a flavor descriptor which can refer to the depth, breadth, and richness of a tobacco (flavor). So, a strong cigar can be medium bodied, while a full-bodied cigar can be mild or medium strength. As an example, imagine that white wine offers a mild body, while red wine has a richer body.

Myth 4 | Keeping cigars in your household refrigerator will keep them “fresh” for a long period of time and/or optimally conditioned.

Truth: Refrigerators are far too dry to keep cigars optimally conditioned and the more humid “crisper” drawer is also inadequate.

Myth 5 | An entire cigar should be thoroughly licked/wet-down before being smoked.

Truth: This practice was common a century ago when humidification was not as accurate and consistent as it is today. Wetting the wrapper would help keep the cigar from unraveling, but it is not necessary when smoking a well conditioned cigar.

Myth 6 | Some Double Guillotines can actually to sharpen themselves by clicking the blades together.

Truth: This is untrue; the physics of metal sharpening have nothing in common with the way double guillotine cutters function.

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